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31 March 2015 Limits of Report Writing- it is ok for the expert to say no


A professional panel discussion with family lawyer Margie Kruger, child protection lawyer Nigel Miller, consultant psychiatrist Dr Josephine Sundin, barrister Dr Jacoba Brasch QC and His Honour Judge Lapthorn of the Federal Circuit Court of Australia.

This panel discussed and explored a range of issues including:

  • obtaining an expert opinion that will assist the court in its forensic endeavour to determine what is in the best interests of children
  • what expertise is, the concept of specialised knowledge, the limits of expert evidence and when expert’s opinions and recommendations offend the rules of evidence
  • when it is necessary to engage an expert and what type of expert, the questions to direct to experts and briefing experts
  • your relationship with an expert and communicating with them
  • what experts find to be helpful instructions and the parameters of the role of an expert
  • the importance of the decision maker who has the benefit of the entire body of evidence

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