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18 Nov 2014 New Oversight Arrangements-Role, Operations, Priorities


A presentation, chaired by His Honour Chief Justice Tim Carmody, Supreme Court of Queensland jointly delivered by Mr Steve Armitage, Acting Principal Commissioner from the Family and Child Commission and Mr Kevin Martin, the Public Guardian, from the Office of the Public Guardian. This presentation explains the role, operations and priorities for these two agencies.

The Office of the Public Guardian_ is the new statutory body responsible for protecting the rights of vulnerable adults with impaired decision making capacity, children and young people in the child protection system, and young people in detention.
The Family & Child Commission_ will provide oversight on the progress of the government’s child protection reform agenda and aims to promote the safety, wellbeing and best interests of children and young people, promote and advocate the responsibility of families and communities to protect and care for children and young people, and improve the child protection system.

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