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Sue Diggles Memorial Practice Paper – 11 March 2020 – Best practice investigative interviewing of children and young people




Sue Diggles joined the CPPAQ Board in 2014 and sadly passed away in 2015. To recognise her outstanding contribution to CPPAQ and the child protection field in Queensland, the Brisbane Catholic Education Office sponsors an annual practice paper in her name.

Topic : Best practice investigative interviewing of children and young people

About this paper

Investigative interviewing is the process of eliciting information from a person about an event or situation, in order to facilitate decision-making. Young people – including very young children – are capable of providing reliable information when questioned using the appropriate technique. This presentation provides an overview of what constitutes best practice investigative interviewing and how this can be achieved. Topics include: guidelines for establishing rapport; issues related to children’s suggestibility and assessing credibility; practical strategies for structuring the interview, lowering inhibition and eliciting accurate and detailed disclosures.


Speaker: Professor Martine Powell

Martine Powell is a Professor in the Griffith Criminology Institute and Founding Director of the Centre for Investigative Interviewing at Griffith University. She is a world-leading expert in investigative interviewing and evidence-based methods of teaching interviewing skills that will be sustained long-term in the field. Prof Powell has nearly 30 years of experience conducting research in this area, and over 280 publications on investigative interviewing and related topics. She has designed, implemented and evaluated interviewer training programs for a diverse range of professional groups within Australia and internationally.

Free resources: https://youtu.be/RuVv7QtVGDo


Chair: Detective Superintendent Denzil Clark, Operations Commander, Child Abuse and Sexual Crime Group, Queensland Police Service.

Denzil has worked as an investigator at regional Child Protection and Investigation Units (CPIUs), Criminal Investigation Branches (CIBs), State Crime Command Task Force Argos and the Crime and Corruption Commission. In January 2018 Denzil commenced as the Detective Superintendent, Operations Commander, Child Abuse and Sexual Crime Group. This role incorporates responsibilities as the QPS Child Safety Director and State Liaison for CPIU. Detective Superintendent Clark appreciates the critical and challenging nature of child abuse investigations and will continue to look for opportunities to support and advocate for collaborative multi-agency responses to children.


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