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Searching for rights-stories from the front line of marginalisation of young people from education


Chair:Merrilyn Strohfeldt Deputy Director General-Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services

Dale Murray CEO Youth Plus Institute

Dale Murray has worked in the area of flexible education provision for over 30 years, firstly as a teacher in the Centre Education Program (the first Flexible Learning Centre in Queensland) then as the Principal, Flexible Learning Centre Network, and now in his current role as Director, EREA Youth+. Youth+ provides socially inclusive educational environments for disenfranchised young people in schools located around the nation. They work with community, NGOs, Catholic Education Offices, and state and federal governments to re-engage young people who for complex social reasons are unable to maintain a connection with mainstream education services. Dale was recently awarded an Australian Government Endeavour Fellowship to study First Nations education in Canada, and received a Churchill Fellowship in 2011.

Dale Murray challenges the audience

  • See education as a fundamental human right.
  • Look beyond the statistics to encourage children/young people to use education as a critical tool to sustain lifelong change.
  • Change how our systems respond to behaviours-suspend suspensions, exclude exclusions and cancel cancellation of enrolments.
  • Build advocacy and service delivery models to address “childism”.


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