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Practice Paper Invitation – Lyndal – being a witness in a sexual assault matter – Tuesday 29 June 2021



TUESDAY 29 June, FROM 5.30 PM till 7.30 PM 

Presentation commences at 6.00 PM 

NEW VENUE: Stamford Plaza, Brisbane

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About this paper:

Many survivors of child sexual abuse don’t ever come forward to tell their story.  Others suffer guilt and shame as a result of the abuse and take many years to speak.  There has been much talk, particularly in recent years, of the difficulties faced by survivors as they go through the legal process – both criminal and civil.  In going through the process, they must revisit the abuse and revisit the trauma time after time.  They often suffer from significant mental health issues before they even begin to give their evidence.  As if the process of giving their evidence and telling their story in Court is not difficult enough, they are then cross examined.

Lyndal is a survivor of childhood abuse who has told her story.  Lyndal tells her story to the police as a child.  On the day he is to appear in Court, the perpetrator commits suicide.  Many years later as an adult, Lyndal gives evidence in Court in a civil matter, forced to tell it in an extremely difficult setting.   Her story is one of trauma, desperation to be believed, and fighting her way through the system. Please join us in hearing Lyndal as she reflects on telling her story as both a child and an adult.

Lyndal will be joined by our own Debbie Jones who will talk about the Queensland Intermediary Scheme.  The Scheme is an initiative arising out of recommendations from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.  The scheme will commence in Brisbane and Cairns in July 2021 and will operate as a two-year pilot program, subject to independent evaluation.  Through the use of intermediaries, the scheme will assist witnesses with communication needs to give their best evidence.  In the pilot phase, the scheme is limited to prosecution witnesses in child sexual offence matters who are under 16, or have an impairment of the mind, or have difficulty communicating.


Speaker: Lyndal

Lyndal is a 43 year old survivor of sexual assault and rape.  In 1990 she was assaulted by the boarding school master where she lived at the school formerly known as the Toowoomba Preparatory School, now the Toowoomba Anglican School.  As a result of the abuse Lyndal suffers from PTSD, Anxiety and Depression and other mental health issues.  She suffered in the belief that the school did not believe her for 11 years until she went to Court in 2001. She had to relive the abuse all over again in the witness box as an adult.  Lyndal considers herself one of the lucky ones – she has survived to tell her story and to give others hope. Hope that they too can seek justice and, achieve justice.

Chair: Debbie Jones

Debbie Jones has worked in the Queensland Public Service for over twenty-five years, undertaking a variety of roles including policy development, project management, service delivery, management and staff development/capacity building. Debbie has a strong social justice background, including roles in prosecutions, corrections, and police.  Throughout her career, she has focussed on the needs and issues of vulnerable people including victims of crime, children in the youth justice and child protection systems, and Indigenous people, particularly Indigenous homelessness and suicide. Debbie has been involved in developing and delivering QPS responses to the Queensland Child Protection Commission of Inquiry, the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, and the Queensland Organised Crime Commission of Inquiry.  She has driven significant cultural change within the child harm investigation field, and has represented the QPS at national forums relating to child harm and technology facilitated child sexual abuse. Debbie is currently responsible for the implementation of the Queensland Intermediary Scheme, a project arising from the Child Abuse Royal Commission


VENUE: Stamford Hotel – Raffles Room, 39 Upper Edward Street, Brisbane

DATE:    Tuesday  29 June 2021

FROM 5.30 PM till 7.30 PM 




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