Annual Leneen Forde Public Address

The intention of the Public Address is for a thought provoking leader to present an inspiring address on an area of interest to child protection practitioners.

The Annual Public Address has been named in honour of Ms Leneen Forde AC.  The Honourable Ms Leneen Forde AC, concluded her final term of office as Chancellor of Griffith University in May 2015, she is a former Queensland Governor and chaired the seminal Forde Inquiry into the Abuse of Children in Queensland Institutions.

This Inquiry was conducted in 1998 and 1999 and investigated systemic abuse in government and non-government care between 1911 and 1998.


Searching for rights-stories from the front line of marginalisation of young people from education

Chair: Merrilyn Strohfeldt Deputy Director General-Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services

Presenter: Dale Murray CEO Youth Plus Institute

Dale Murray has worked in the area of flexible education provision for over 30 years, firstly as a teacher in the Centre Education Program (the first Flexible Learning Centre in Queensland) then as the Principal, Flexible Learning Centre Network, and now in his current role as Director, EREA Youth+. Youth+ provides socially inclusive educational environments for disenfranchised young people in schools located around the nation. They work with community, NGOs, Catholic Education Offices, and state and federal governments to re-engage young people who for complex social reasons are unable to maintain a connection with mainstream education services. Dale was recently awarded an Australian Government Endeavour Fellowship to study First Nations education in Canada, and received a Churchill Fellowship in 2011.

Dale Murray challenges the audience to

  • See education as a fundamental human right.
  • Look beyond the statistics to encourage children/young people to use education as a critical tool to sustain lifelong change.
  • Change how our systems respond to behaviours-suspend suspensions, exclude exclusions and cancel cancellation of enrolments.
  • Build advocacy and service delivery models to address “childism”.

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Evolution or Revolution–Emerging challenges from the Royal  Commission

Chair: Commissioner Tammy Williams of the Queensland Family and Child

Commissioner Robert Fitzgerald of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

The Royal Commission’s work has challenged our nation and shone a spot light on the dark side of child sexual abuse in our institutions. It has exposed systemic failings as well as flawed individuals. It has researched important issues and consulted  widely. But most importantly it has listened to the voices of those directly affected, survivors of child sexual abuse.

Commissioner Fitzgerald poses the challenging questions:

  • What are the early learnings and challenges that are emerging?
  • What are the challenges for our legal and protection systems?
  • What are the emerging changes in institutional culture, practice and governance that are needed?
  • Are these just part of an evolutionary response or a more radical reform?
  • And will children and young people be truly safer as result?

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How can we help remote Indigenous Australians to gain skills and knowledge through a quality education and break free of welfare dependency?

Chair: The Honourable Dame Quentin Bryce AD CVO, former Governor-General, and Chair of the Queensland Domestic and Family Violence Taskforce

Presenter: Tania Major, Founder and Chair of the Major Impact Foundation

Commentator: Natalie Lewis, CEO of QATSCIPP

Tania Major addresses the challenges facing families and children in remote communities in getting access to education, the complexity of government-designed systems and the need to listen to community members in responding to disadvantage.

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Making decisions in children’s matters: The role of social science evidence and children’s views

Chair: The Honourable Justice Colin Forrest of the Family Court of Australia

Presenter: Associate Professor Judy Cashmore

Associate Professor Judy Cashmore cautions against the blanket application of social science in legal decision making in child protection and family law.

Professor Cashmore poses the challenging questions:

  • What is the value, and what issues arise in applying social science evidence in these contexts?
  • How can those who make these decisions learn more about the outcomes for the children whose orders they effect?
  • And how can the translation across disciplines, and research, policy and practice be improved?

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Child Protection at the crossroads- where to from here?

Chair: His Honour Judge Michael Shanahan President of the Childrens Court of Queensland

Presenter: Emeritus Professor Scott

Emeritus Professor Scott calls for a paradigm shift in child protection at a time when Queensland is awaiting the outcome of the government’s response to the Queensland Child Protection Commission of Inquiry.

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Culture + Equity + You= Hope for First Nation's Children

Chair: His Honour Chief Justice Paul de Jersey of the Queensland Supreme Court

Presenter: Dr Cindy Blackstock

Canadian First Nations social worker and activist Dr Cindy Blackstock shares her unique journey advocating for the rights of First Nations children and young people in partnership with children and young people themselves.

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Child Protection Law- Everyone's Business

Chair: His Honour Judge Butler Chief Magistrate of the State Magistrates Court

Presenter: His Honour Justice Peter Murphy Family Court of Australia

Justice Murphy delivers the Inaugural Leneen Forde Public Address exploring the intersection between private family law and child protection and calls for a higher level of recognition of the importance of child protection law.

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